Equality, diversity and inclusion

Kingston Council is pivotal in reducing inequality in our borough, and we are committed to establishing Kingston as an area with equality of opportunity, an area of fairness, and an area that is inclusive.

Our Equality Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, Inclusive Kingston (2021-2025) sets out our increase in ambition. Broken into four priority objectives for action, Inclusive Kingston outlines how we plan to actively search for and support people who are disadvantaged, and work to break down the barriers to opportunity for all.

Our vision


We will learn from, and improve our understanding of, the diverse communities we serve. We will celebrate our diversity and champion communities, making sure that Kingston is a safe and welcoming borough for all. We will identify, design and deliver accessible and inclusive services that meet the diverse needs of communities, and we will be the best employer for people of all backgrounds.

Our staff networks

We are committed to supporting and developing our staff networks, who provide both a voice for our employees from protected characteristic groups and a critical friend to the organisation in improving equalities both for staff groups and our wider community.

Our staff networks play a key role in influencing our ED&I agenda and work collaboratively with our Senior Leadership Team:
  • Women’s (+Allies)
  • Disability and Wellbeing (+Allies)
  • Carers Network (+Allies)
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (+Allies)
  • LGBTQIA (+Allies)
  • Early Careers (+Allies)

Kingston wins MJ Achievement Award for focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to transform services for residents

Kingston Council’s sharp focus on prioritising diversity and inclusion and empowering its workforce to transform services for residents has been recognised at the MJ Achievement Awards.

MJ winner