Assistant Director, Social Care and Health Commissioning and Transformation

This critical and exciting role will see you translate our corporate strategies into operational plans across both Adult Social Care and Health. You will have the opportunity to re-think how we commission our services whilst leading our integration efforts.

Assistant Director, Social Care and Health Commissioning and Transformation  salary £103,045 – £115,674

Following the appointment of Sam Morrison as our new Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Health, we are looking for a new Assistant Director for Adult Social Care and Health Commissioning and Transformation. At a time of financial pressure and growing need for all in the sector, this role will see you work collaboratively with Councillors, the Senior Leadership Team and colleagues to set the agenda for and make best use of the available resources to support the most vulnerable residents in Kingston.

This is a critical and exciting role where we will look to you to drive our new vision to translate corporate direction into operational plans and strategies across the Adult Social Care and Health directorate. In this role you will work with partners in our system to re-think how we commission; drive effective commissioning; and ultimately drive the transformation of our services to support early intervention and prevention.

In this role you will lead across the commissioning and transformation programmes with a people focus, delivering across the breadth of Adult social care, linking closely with Children’s Social Care, Housing and vulnerable people & families commissioning. You will lead across our partnerships, performance, placements & brokerage. You will also take a lead role in further developing collaboration and greater integration with colleagues in our ICS, both within Kingston and the wider South West London system.